Archery Resort

Our Archery club has three shooting ranges; a 10, 18, 30, 50, 75, and 90 meters external face range, open all day and also in the evening, a vast 3D range scattered in a fir grove (Christmas trees), and an 18 meters indoor range.

Our resort also has a professional equipment store, a repair service and a skeet shooting machine.
We are also official importers of Lancaster archery store(Lancaster logo).


The rooms are located in a reconstructed 110 years old stone building built by Templar settlers, and has been skillfully reshaped into cozy units.
The whole compound is built and designed in a rustic and classic style of older days.
All rooms are fully equipped and have comfortable beds, bathrooms with Jacuzzi or high-end walk-in showers, air conditioning / heating and satellite TV.
All rooms are stocked with tea and coffee, milk, water and fruits of the season for the guests.
The view from the balconies is of an oak grove and the archery club.

Kitchen & Bar

The inn serves rich breakfasts and a fine dinner menu, and at night switches to a bar where you are invited to mingle with fellow archers from around the globe over a lovely homebrewed pint.
Our kitchen offers:
Breakfast: homemade bread and jams, quality cheeses, salads, eggs, coffee and cake.
Dinner: a selection of smoked meat dishes, a large glass of homebrewed beer along with various dishes, a selection of quality drinks, and the company of archers from around the world who came for a holiday to enjoy, meet and train.
Additionally, the inn staff will be happy to accommodate any request made in advance, in addition to the daily activities.

Neve Hagar Resort

Neve Hagar was established in 1996 by Yossi Yegar, in ancient buildings built in 1910 by Templar settlers, which were meticulously restored to beautiful guest rooms, with pampering balconies, a pleasant plaza and a cozy dining room for our guests.
Previously, the Templar buildings have been used for 90 years for the family's farm activities, including a cowshed, a chicken coop and even a carpentry shop.
Over the years, Neve Hagar has developed a tradition of home-made artisanry. Breads, jams, soaps, candles and many other things are produced on the premises.
In the dining room you can enjoy breakfast and dinner as well as a light lunch from our a la cart menu.

We also provide additional services to our guests at Neve Hagar:

Services / products for an additional charge:

  • Food – home-made pizzas, salads, cheese platter and bread
  • Drinks - coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine, whiskey
  • Neve Hagar store - home-made jams, candles and soaps
  • Archery Equipment - arches, arrows, bags, accessories; 10% to 20% discount for resort guests
  • Shooting range – skeet shooting
  • Laundry - Laundry services - ready on the same day
  • Transportation - to and from the airport
  • Tour - Historical tour of Bethlehem of Galilee - from the time of Jesus until the present day.